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Display of Cher-Make Sausage products including natural casing hot dogs and summer sausage.
"We identified what we do best...by continuing to focus on being a quality leader in the manufacturer of great tasting sausage products we will remain on track to being a world class private label supplier."
Tom Chermak
Our Story
This image shows the Cher-Make Sausage private label natural casing weiners available to our co-pack and other customers.
Image of Cher-Make Sausage Artisan producing private label authentic hot dogs, bratwurst, and bologna.

Authentic Sausage Makers Story -
Once Upon a Time...

The Cher-Make story starts with Emil Chermak and a bunch of great old world sausage recipes. In 1928, Emil decided it was time to share these great recipes with neighbors in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. "I used to walk and hand-deliver to nearby homes with my wagon," recalls Art Chermak, Emil's son and second generation owner.

Chermak's fame and quality standards led to quick growth, and success led to the building of a plant in the 1940's. By 1950, Art entered a partnership with family member Merlyn Hoefner, and the Cher-Make brand began to enjoy expanded growth and notoriety throughout the state.

As early as the late 1960's Cher-Make began developing the foundation for its current private label reputation as they began working with many of the nation's top gourmet gift packers. Art went on to be named to the Wisconsin Meat Packers Hall-Of-Fame.

Today, Art's son Tom Chermak, along with Merlyn's son Chuck Hoefner help lead a dedicated management team in the continuation of the family sausage making tradition-high quality products produced by a high quality, involved workforce. Both enjoy the relationships they have developed with employees, suppliers and customers.