We Make it for You!
Display of Cher-Make Sausage products including natural casing hot dogs and summer sausage.
"We constantly monitor the visual appearance and integrity of our packaging. Everybody on my packaging team feels they can contribute ideas with the goal of customer satisfaction."
Jim Poff
Packaging Manager
Cher-Make Sausage private labeel customers enjoy creative packaging as demonstrated by the image of their skinless hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls.
Image of Cher-Make Sausage Artisan producing private label authentic hot dogs, bratwurst, and bologna.

Let's Be Creative!

The packaging is on the front line for consumer sales. You can do everything right, but fail if your packaging doesn't reflect the customer quality expectation.

Package integrity is critical. It needs to hold up, looking great over time. It needs to achieve maximum freshness performance.

Choose from many options and size variations be it re-sealable, gas flushed or vacuum packed. Our sales team is ready to assist you when you contact us. We can be creative on packaging and labeling!