We Make it for You!
Display of Cher-Make Sausage products including natural casing hot dogs and summer sausage.
"Whether it's printed film or pressure sensitive labels, we pay attention so that the finished product looks great-straight and without wrinkles."
Image of Cher-Make Sausage Artisan producing private label authentic hot dogs, bratwurst, and bologna.

Add Some Sizzle to the Sausages!

Cher-Make has the resources to help create a product look that matches your current private label line-up. Or we can take you in exciting new directions. The right label can make or break a marketing effort, as it should accurately depict the quality of the product inside.

Our understanding of this is a key part of our private label success strategy for you. We have a responsive team of outside process partners that can help create a label and a package for you that will express your brand's essence. Rest assured that your finished label will be compliant with Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) regulations, and the approval process will be quick and painless.

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