We Make it for You!
Display of Cher-Make Sausage products including natural casing hot dogs and summer sausage.
"Our family is our customer. Our customers are our family. We insist on safe, quality products for our family."
- Rebecca M. Rozum,
Quality Manager
Image of Cher-Make Sausage Artisan producing private label authentic hot dogs, bratwurst, and bologna.

Certifications -
We Are Fanatical About Food Safety!

Awareness is increasing internationally on the importance of food safety. At Cher-Make Sausage Company, food safety is a company obsession. We clean and check, then we clean and check again!

Our programs, policies and practices are continuously reviewed and validated to ensure safe products to our customers. We understand the need to be relentless to ensure your peace-of-mind. Oftentimes, we hear people tell us, "this is the cleanest packing plant I've been in-EVER!"

In November 2012 we reached a new benchmark for Cher-Make Sausage - we achieved SQF Level 2. This puts on the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) list for being a certified supplier. This audit removes the other 3rd party audits we had and balls it all up into 3 days. The auditor inspects our plant, plans, procedures and even our employees knowledge! It is very stressful for a few days a year, but well worth it for all we have gained for having implemented SQF. We will strive to achieve higher greatness each year!

We know you may have more questions, or even enjoy seeing the details. We invite you to visit our plant or contact us to speak to one of our sales team members.