We Make it for You!
Display of Cher-Make Sausage products including natural casing hot dogs and summer sausage.
Code of Eithics
Image of Cher-Make Sausage Artisan producing private label authentic hot dogs, bratwurst, and bologna.


Cher-Make Sausage Co. is committed to being recognized as a quality leader in the manufacture of sausage products. By pursuing this commitment, we will be positioned to best serve our customers, grow our company, strengthen our position in the marketplace, and provide a positive work environment. Our success depends on the individual efforts of each of us at Cher-Make.

The following code represents those qualities that provide the foundation of our growth, both as individuals and as a company.

This code is about who we are and who we choose to be. It is about how we do business – everywhere and all the time. Together we can help ensure that working for Cher-Make is a source of great pride.

Mutual Respect

At Cher-Make, it is necessary to maintain a positive work environment where employees treat each other with mutual respect and courtesy. We recognize that everyone has value and can make meaningful contributions for the good of our company. Through mutual respect, we will be able to encourage each other’s opinions and ideas, eliminate fear and harassment in our dealings, and create the type of workplace that we all want. Simply put, we need to treat each other as we want to be treated.


At Cher-Make, it is necessary for each of us to be accountable for the quality of our individual work output. Accountability means to understand and take ownership of a process, task or problem. It is the willingness to accept the consequences of our actions, no matter what the outcome. It requires being truthful and honest in our everyday work and dealings. Through accountability, we will be able to take pride in our work, stop finger pointing, and eliminate the frustration that comes from apathy.


At Cher-Make, we are committed to continuous improvement of all our processes and work output. Although many of our improvement efforts are achieved through teams, committees, and natural work groups, this commitment to improvement begins at the individual level. As individuals, we can never be satisfied with work that is considered just “good enough”. As we work together to proactively solve problems and improve processes, we as individuals must be patient with the process and each other, and must be open to new suggestions. Through patience and an open mind, we will promote participation, meet our goals, and help to stamp out fear in our workplace.


At Cher-Make, we recognize the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. Teamwork involves focusing our efforts on what is right for the company. It goes beyond self-interest and the objectives of an individual or department. Through teamwork, we will work collectively towards the success of the company as a whole.


At Cher-Make, we are committed to pursuing business objectives with integrity. Integrity is doing what is right - always. To have integrity is to do what you say you will do, consistently, predictably and reliably. This is the right thing to do and it makes good business sense. By acting with integrity, we earn the trust of our customers, consumers, shareholders, co-workers, suppliers and the communities where we live and work – those whose trust we must have to be successful.